I found the customer service to be excellent. The gentleman was polite and seemed very knowledgeable. Getting two keys for my car at hundreds less than the dealership wanted in a few minutes made my day!
My situation was a broken hinge on a switchblade key. The key fob still worked and the key's blade would start the car(if I managed to somehow turn it). Dealership wanted nearly $300 for one with no option of just a key without fob. Home Depot and Lowe's couldn't make the key. I was getting stressed not having a spare. Found Murray's and they had the keys made for me in no time at a great price.

Andrew T.

I can't say enough nice things about this wonderful couple! I needed to replace a key for my daughter's Honda Civic that I broke while trying to change a battery. The dealership was of little help and wouldn't even give me a firm estimate of the cost, saying it could be as much as $200. I dropped into Kevin and Heather's shop and Kevin very quickly and courteously explained that he could cut a new key, transfer the electronics from my old key, and put it in a far better case with a new battery for less than $50! I came back the next day with the broken key and walked out 10 minutes later with a new key that worked perfectly. I will definitely use Murray's for all of my lock service needs in the future, and I highly recommend that you do the same!

Robert D.

Thank You Murray's Lock Service! We bought an old home recently in Bangor and moving day was on a Saturday. We had concerns about keys as we only received one on closing day. I called to have new locks put on and told them the beginning of the week would be fine as I didn't want to bother them on a weekend. When I arrived on Saturday behind our moving truck, Murray's Lock Service was right behind us. What a relief. Would definitely recommend them and will only use this company for any future needs. Thanks again, great work.


Thank you Murrays Lock Service for saving me twice in the past month! I had Kevin make me a couple of extra keys, he had some excellent advice for me. He hid one of my keys behind my license plate screw, that way it is always accessible and won't get lost! Well, that proved to be an excellent idea! Recently at a school function, it was pouring and I had left my purse and phone in the vehicle. You guessed it key's too! I remembered the spare key and borrowed a quarter from a friend. That key saved the day


Murray's Lock Service has been providing quality service and expert advice to us for over 15 years. They are at our dealership almost every day and are always able to meet our needs, whether a simple key, a programmed key, or a fob. They travel to where our customers are in need of help, on the road or at home.

Mike R.

I saw your van in traffic called the number and Kevin got right back to me! He came to my place that night and replaced the keys to our truck, that had missing for a week! Thank you for your fast and friendly service! Highly recommend your business.

Dillon K.

Amazing customer service, was in and out in no time. Thank you Heather and Kevin.

Guy O.

One phone call and Kevin met me on my way to the airport. In the middle of Nicky's parking lot while I ate breakfast with my sister he made me a set of extra car keys and extra house keys! Now that is service!

Shirley R.

Top notch service! Friendliest people around! You won't find this at the Home Depot key section!!

Jessica H.

Exceptional service, very friendly and easy to work with!

Avenue Properties

My boyfriend lost his car keys while sledding with our daughter. He was able to make a new car key and key fob with in an hour! ...don't worry we found the original key months later once the snow melted. ;)

Brooke F.

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