Call the professionals at Murray's Lock Service to create or program a key for your vehicle

Whether you have regular key, a fob or a smart key, you need a reliable locksmith who can expertly create a replacement or backup key. For more than three decades, the professionals at Murray's Lock Service have been expertly cutting and programming a variety of keys including those with high-security chips, smart keys and fobs. Many vehicle keys have special transponder chips, and we only use the most up to date equipment for key cutting and programming.

Modern keys can be complicated, but come to Murray's Lock Service to have any type of car key programmed or cut.

There's nothing more frustrating than walking to your car only to find your keys locked inside. Not only will you be saving time now if you call us to create a backup, you'll have a spare key if you're ever locked out. Avoid getting locked out of your car down the road and call us today to see how much you can save.

Don't pay premium prices when you need a spare key created. Get help from a professional locksmith in advance to avoid the stress and time wasted by getting locked out. It's better to be safe than sorry, so have a backup set of replacement keys created for your car by a trusted professional. If you need to program a new set of car keys, trust Murray's Lock Service.

We can also handle your fleet needs and all possible key options!

Think extra keys are too expensive?

We have alternatives! Come visit us today!