Call Murray's Lock Service Inc for a quick and easy way to copy or program a key

Need an extra or replacement key for your children or guests? Have you lost or broken your key? Call the professionals at Murray's Lock Service in Bangor, ME, for a quick and affordable solution.

We specialize in automobile keys, but our professionals can copy and program any key including high-security chips, smart keys and fobs. We can also cut a key using the code from the VIN# so you don’t even need to have a physical key with you.

We are a family owned business with a focus on speedy service and affordable but high-quality work. We’ll come to your location and solve your access problems so you can get on with your day. Call Murray's Lock Service to work with the professionals who can program a car key in 20 minutes or less.

Be Prepared and Make a Spare!

Be Prepared and Make a Spare!

Reliable residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Bangor

Did you lose or break your only key? Do you want an extra key to your business just in case you need one? Whether you've dropped your keys and lost them in the snow or you want your car key copied, you’ll find the reliable professionals who can help at Murray's Lock Service Inc.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been creating new keys for the homes, businesses and automobiles of and Brewer and Bangor residents, so you can bet we've seen it all. Instead having only one key on hand for your car or your house, stop in to have an extra key made or programmed. Call Murray's Lock Service today at 207-947-3401 to be safe rather than sorry.

Get your extra keys cut at our store in Bangor

Prevent future problems by thinking ahead and coming to Murray's Lock Service to have copies of your residential and commercial keys made. Have a solution in hand the next time you lock your keys inside of your house, business or car by relying on Murray's Lock Service serving Brewer, Bangor, and surrounding areas.

With master keying and rekeying services available at our Maine locksmith shop, you won't have to worry about where your keys went again.


Murray’s Lock Service has been providing quality service and expert advice to us for over 15 years. They are at our dealership almost every day and are always able to meet our needs, whether a simple key, a programmed key, or a fob. They travel to where our customers are in need of help, on the road or at home.

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